Each year, Pantone announces the color of the year that will dominate as the ultimate trend. The ultimate color of the year 2019 is Living Coral

A color hue range loved by decorators, fashion designers, event planners and all us DIYers. According to Pantone, Living Coral is warm, welcoming and at the same time vibrant. A hue that is easily adaptable.

How to use the color Living Colar in your wedding?

As a source of inspiration, it can only excite us since it gives the ultimate summer essence.
So if you are planning a destination wedding in Greece next summer you should think of Living Coral as your wedding color. Here in Greece where corals are part of our oceans natural treasure. You can discover all kind of coral hues around you. You can choose a total white theme using notes of coral. Go for a stunning pair of earrings or a hair accessory, or even a coral shoe choice that will give you that extra umph.

Your bridal makeup

When it comes to makeup, maybe try luscious lips in coral that surely will make a statement. no matter if you are a boho bride or a classic but non-traditional bride don’t be afraid to go for a coral lip.

Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

You can use this amazing Living Coral Pantone color in your bridesmaid’s dresses. Go bold with a floor-length coral gown or pink to orange flower crown. Remember that variety is key! Not all bridesmaids have to wear the same hue. Play with colors or prints, all the way from pinks to oranges for the most amazing ombre result.

Choose the color Living Coral for your destination wedding in Greece

Don’t be afraid to put a splash of color in floral arrangements. A wedding bouquet in cream, powder pink and coral hues will definitely make a difference. When it comes to flowers sure you can find roses in all kinds of coral hues but nature has got you covered with the most amazing variety of flowers. 

Here in Greece, we pride ourselves with our luscious bougainvilleas, growing everywhere, from the white-washed islands to the city center, Bougainville is a wonder with a variety of colors from yellow to dark purple. But when it comes to the ombres orange color hue, that is our favorite. You can create the most dramatic bouquet or a showstopper centerpiece.
Also, don’ t forget a coral dinnerwear can elevate the table set-up.

Your Wedding Cake

You may be over the naked cake but you can always upgrade the white wedding cake with a splash of color or edible coral flowers.

Color combinations to get inspired for your wedding day.

  • Coral and vibrant greens for a Tuscany inspired Spring wedding.
  • Coral and all kinds of blue gives us Mediterranean magic with the most energetic combination.
    Coral adores turquoise, and we adore those two together.
  • Coral and creams says elegant and youthful. A current trend with a classic and everlasting feel.
  • Coral and brown or dark grey for the rustic autumn bride.
  • Coral and red. Now that it is a bold combination! We are all up for it. Tone to tone combos can be more chic and clean-cut than you think. Dare to add color into a neutral, ethereal scenery in the result will thrill you.

Coral is with no doubt a color for the bold. Either in a large scale or in small details, you can give it a go in almost anything, whilst creating a chic and elegant event concept.