Rustic Wedding in Athens

They say that rain on your wedding day is a blessing for a happy marriage. So we are never afraid to embrace the clouds and prepare a summer indoors wedding.  The event took place in an equestrian club in the northern suburbs of Athens with the guests arriving in the beautiful private house during sunset hour. The sky was clear during the ceremony in the most fairy tale-like chapel decorated with Ivy, lisiantus and roses.

A rustic decorated candy bar welcomed guests with the most decadent treats like red velvet cupcakes, chocolate covered cake-pops, glazed donuts and strawberry filed dragées. A wish book was created on the spot with polaroid photos and love-covered messages.

Our flowers and decorations were a variety of pale colors and brown hues; a combination of wood and stone, fairy lights and candle light.

The party started almost immediately and lasted until the early morning hours. A true night to remember!