In all fairness 2020, was a challenging year for each and every one of us. Pantone’s Classic Blue, despite its tranquil effect on spirit and body, didn’t get to live its moment of glory.
This year, Pantone is introducing two colors so diverse with one another, but at the same time harmonizing when used right.

For 2021, Pantone introduces two colors so diverse with one another, but at the same time harmonizing when used right. When it comes to design, the sky’s the limit. But now there’s another limit to deal with — how can we implement this diverse duo in our wedding design?

A little goes a long way

You know the clichés, “less is more” and “it’s all in the details”. They are clichés because they’re true. In the case of Illuminating Yellow, these will help you keep your design warm, playful, and at the same time elegant.
And our color cliché is neutral: We love a neutral table setting, which always has room for bright hues to complement it. Industrial grey is one of the best choices because it can work as a great canvas for yellow and golden details. Materials like cement, iron, and marble can be “softened” with yellow flowers, cutlery, and decorative details.

The flowers

Bright yellow is portraying pure happiness and light! There are so many options in flowers, and different hues will give you a more interesting result than the usual monochromatic choice.

Branding & Details

A wedding design does not end on the flower selection. When designing your wedding, colors are essential. It’s really important to choose the right colors – choose the wrong ones, and you may end up with a completely different ‘vibe’ for your special day. Remember that consistency and harmony offer a positive experience to your guests and are always tasteful. Are you planning a destination wedding? Why not indulge your guests with welcome kits in yellow or grey tones, so the wedding feeling starts upon arrival.

When & Where

Speaking of branding, everything starts when your guests receive the Save The Date information. Then comes the invitation that sets the tone for the wedding. Modern or romantic, grey and yellow can offer you both options, as long as you have in mind that the style represents you and your partner.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. And when we say box, we mean the venue. It’s 2021, couples are exchanging vows in bespoke settings just for them. They are leaving the tents and country clubs behind, and taking it on the beach or a castle. Bespoke events give you and your guests a unique experience. And with the right vendors, there is the flexibility to host your event almost anywhere you want. When it comes to Pantone’s Ultimate Grey, why not choose a natural grey venue such as a marble quarry. All hues of grey are available in an open space, which with the correct lighting it can be a magical set-up for your wedding.

This year is all about complexity and hope, a year for new beginnings. Ultimate Grey and Illuminating are the colors that represent just that! A daring combination that looks amazing together and stands strong individually. Whatever your style may be, either if you are an urban or a romantic bride, the options are endless but always keep in mind that not even the best wedding design concept in the world will look good if it doesn’t represent you.