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What We do

Eclipse derives from the ancient Greek noun ἔκλειψις (ékleipsis) and is the absolute alignment of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun. In China, it was believed that eclipses were caused by dragons eating the sun.

In Eclipse Concept -even though there are no dragons involved- we value perfection and that fairytale romance.

We believe in custom built events that tell a story.

From a wedding, a christening, birthdays or just about any reason to celebrate, we create an event exclusively designed for you.

Planning a Destination Wedding?

Eclipse Concept is an event planning team that consists of decorators, graphic designers, event coordinators. We build events tailored to your needs and budget.

Based in Athens, but travelling the world, our services cover everything from locating a venue, design, finding vendors, planning destination weddings, logistics to branding your event.

Meet the Team

Agapi Sotiropoulou

I smile a lot. Sometimes I talk a lot, but most of the times I am a good listener. I am constantly searching for meaningful experiences and relationships, adventures, ideas and people that can inspire me, that can help me become more creative and original. I am calm, well organized, down to earth and disciplined. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a writer, but then I fell in love with art and design. And as I grew older event planning became my thing! Helping people to turn their ideas or their dreams to reality makes me feel really good. My name is Agapi and I can’t wait to meet you, learn about you and the little details that make you unique.

Anna Venti

Hey! My name is Anna, born-and-raised beach babe and a guild-free foodie. I have what they call a passion for fashion, lifestyle trends and a decade in designing window displays. I live to create visual stories, emotions and aesthetic fireworks. Once we meet and through our journey together, my goal will be to create your dream event. You will be my inspiration. I want to hear your ideas, your story, how you two met, what are your favorite places, food and all those little things that put a smile on your face. I believe in team work and that everything can be solved with a good brainstorming session -and maybe a glass of rosé-.

Zozi Frangou

Hello there! I am Georgia or Georgette or Zorzi or Zozi. Truth be told Zozi suits me best but every name is actually another aspect of myself. And every name seems to have a different impact on me as well as on others. Georgia is the doer, Georgette the sophisticated one, Zorzi the dreamer and Zozi the playful. When we meet, just pick the side you like the most and let's work together to combine the one hundred and one ideas that I can come up with your vision of your special day. Together we can surely transform your wedding planning experience into one of the most joyful and creative times of your life.

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